Hello there, I am Chibi-Nuffie from deviantArt and I'm using this tumblr-thingie to share sketches, WIPs and doodles with you.

I am a deviantArt member since April 20th, 2006 and ever since then I focussed on drawing Sonic FanCharacters, but I have started to get interested in drawing "FanArt" of other series aswell (mainly anime-, manga- or game-related e.g. Pokémon, .hack, Final Fantasy ... ). Thus you might stumble over my attempts of drawing decent Anime-styled pictures and Pokémon drawing on this tumblr aswell.

Basically everything that is unfinished or not submitted to my deviantArt Account (yet) due to various reasons will find a way here.

In any way, thanks for dropping by~ I hope you enjoyed what you have seen and might drop by again sometime ♥

Chibi Artworks (Ashe & Xeno) by digikat04


So, the coloring is done… and I also switched colors to Shino for the lulz :D

Now… I have to come up with a background orz

12:05am · Saturday, September 28th, 2013 · 26 notes
tags » Atoli · Shino · .hack · dotHack · .hack//G.U. · Anime · Manga · Digital Art ·
· Atoli · Shino · .hack · dotHack · .hack//G.U. · Anime · Manga · Digital Art ·
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