Hello there, I am Chibi-Nuffie from deviantArt and I'm using this tumblr-thingie to share sketches, WIPs and doodles with you.

Basically everything that is unfinished or not submitted to my deviantArt Account (yet) due to various reasons will find a way here.

In any way, thanks for dropping by~ I hope you enjoyed what you have seen and might drop by again sometime ♥

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Favourite 10 Video Games

Finished Coloring Nire oAo~

Now all that’s left is a background and Larry o:

Whoo~ done with the basic shading~ Also added a Tartan pattern to Nire’s Skirt o3o~


Whooo basecolored~ I hope this colors look “coffee” enough to fit the contest’s theme ;w;”

xluminii said:

Is the character cosplayed as Mami, by any chance? :>

(I really wished tumblr had a reply-function besides private messages D: >…)

@xluminii She’s not directly cosplaying Mami, yet somehow Mami’s outfit came to my mind when I gathered ideas for my contest entry. Somehow every time I see Mami I have to think about coffee/chocolate and that stuff and as an outfit like this would suit my idea aswell I tried out how it would look like on Nire and adjusted it a little ovo So basically Mami’s design has been one of the main influences here indeed.

I’m still thinking about giving that skirt a tartan pattern, but I fear it would be “too much” details orz”

Whooo basecolored~ I hope this colors look “coffee” enough to fit the contest’s theme ;w;”


Added a WIP, but I didn’t get much of the Shading done yet, so making another seperate post would be too spamming for my taste I guess. Anyways, enjoy~ Will continue tomorrow, most likely… :/ Not sure yet, because of… stuff… yeh u   ù *looks at budgie*

Finally done with inking after being distracted by starting to play FF13: Lightning Returns (I saved a Chocobo, I’ll spend those 13 days with that fluffly bird asdfgg YES) and reading the recent Shi ki mangas ;A; Also inking this took quite a while because… lot’s of details hmmyes~ I guess I’ll start coloring this tonight oAo

Expressions are not my strenght. Thus I started filling the first page of the sketchbook I received from ShadowSinty as a Birthday Gift with random expressions from Celeste for the sake of practise jk in the beginning I just doodled a random head and I got a lot of free space left soooo :’D Anyways, there’s still some free space left on that page, but I have no clue what to draw there.

It’s too less space for another face, so… a chibi instead? Something like this? Idk orz

Might use these for a Ref Sheet of Celeste… if I ever do one ahahaha OTL”

1st Sketch for CofL-fee's contest. I wonder if I'll also get Larry done in time…

I should’ve started this way earlier. I’m not sure if I’ll get this done in the way I planned it, but I’ll try my best >^<

Something I learned from this picture:

  • Drawing boots/shoes/feet in a more complex perspective isn’t something I’m good at ugh
  • Sometimes motion/gravity makes some elements of a character look really strange (in this case: Hair! I decided to mostly ignore gravity for her back hair here, because it looked really strange o.O)
  • Having thicker paper for sketching again would be really really nice ;A;

Pose reference for this picture: Jump Base by PikachuLoveLove

archangelic-aeon asked: Michael, Palette 18, just 'cause.

It would’ve been a completely different picture haha x’D