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Ashe Ekewano - Emofuri gif set
deviantArt Post: http://fav.me/d7yrbux

Some didn’t want to work in the post itself again *sigh*

Hoi~ I stumbled over the file containing the picture for Ashe’s Emofuri Animation some days ago. As I never finished it and it was pretty much half way done I decided to slap in some coloring at last.

I also figured out some new things about Emofuri which was quite helpful owo Thus I think I should edit Xeno once more, to apply the knew knowledge and stuff haha x’D Anyways, enjoy ( owo)/

On a side note: I might try out doing Sonic Characters one day or another. I’m not so sure about that yet though…


5 peas in a pod- parrotlets 5 weeks old

Are these not the most adorable snugglebirds?


Australian Ringneck (Barnardius zonarius), previously known as Mallee Ringneck (Barnardius barnardi)

© smÄsh, Flickr

deviantArt post: http://chibi-nuffie.deviantart.com/art/Nire-in-Coffeeland-480859714
Done at last, yeh~

Also… my internet is being very buggy today orz otherwise I would’ve posted this earlier, believe me :’3 Also added in some close ups of the characters and the unfiltered version for the lulz Hope you like it all together ovo; And… wish me luck, after all this is a contest entry x’D

Gonna shade this background today, yeeeh~

Finished shading Larry a minute ago~ His tail ended up too long I fear orz

B-But nonetheless I like how they look together óvò Now all that’s left is a background, yeh~

Edit: Fixed Larry’s tail and made a little logo for the finished piece yeeeh~


Shiny Cinccino Giveaway!

Airin got this little gurl while breeding, but she no needs it anymore. Since she has no Tumblr account by herself, I’m holding the Giveaway for her.

Info’s about Cinccino:

  • She is nickable, so you can choose a new nickname for her!
  • she has 3 IV’s: Attack, Defense and Sp.Defense.
  • her EV are resetted (screenshot made before the reset)


  • ONE reblogg and ONE fav counts!
  • you don’t need to follow me, but if you do, I will throw an extra for you in it!
  • Your ask box must be open!
  • You must own the game Pokémon X/Y

Deadline: 19.09.2014

My friend is doing a Giveaway, thought I should advertise a bit~

freakyed asked: I just wanna say...I LOVE YOUR ART!! ♥

thank you (๑>◡<๑)

That’s really something nice to read before heading to bed after a busy evening of coloring ;w;

I think I can and should call it a day here :’D *looks at the clock* ughh…

I’m not 100% satisfied with the shading at some points though… :/